What are the different types of dump trucks and trailers?

The different types of dump trucks and trailers used to move dirt include:
1. End Dump Trailers 
End dump trailers are the most common type of trailer for moving dirt. These trailers have a large hopper at the rear of the trailer that is used for loading and unloading dirt and other materials. The hopper can be raised and lowered by hydraulic arms, allowing it to be filled from the ground or from another truck. End dump trailers are usually used in large construction projects, such as highway and bridge construction.
2. Side Dump Trailers 
Side dump trailers are similar to end dump trailers, but they have a hopper on the side of the trailer instead of at the rear. These trailers are used to move large quantities of dirt, gravel, and other materials. Side dump trailers are often used in largescale construction projects, such as road building and bridge construction.
3. Transfer Trailers Transfer trailers are used to move smaller amounts of dirt and other materials. These trailers are equipped with a small hopper at the rear and a conveyor system that is used to transfer the dirt from the hopper to the truck bed. Transfer trailers are often used for residential and commercial projects where large quantities of dirt must be moved.
At Dirt Gopher, we use end dump 20 yard trailers, which is better for commercial and residential projects due to high project efficiencies. It can handle larger amounts of dirt and other materials than smaller trailers, and materials can be loaded and unloaded quickly and can be used for largerscale projects.The projects that a 20 yard trailer can handle include landscaping projects, site preparation, foundation work, road and bridge construction, demolition projects, and more.
Our fleet is equipped with highquality dump trailers and experienced drivers. Dirt Gopher trucks are also well maintained and regularly serviced, so customers can trust that their dirt delivery or removal projects will be completed safely and efficiently. Additionally, Dirt Gopher offers competitive prices and can deliver the dirt to any location in North Texas. Give Team Gopher a call today to receive a free quote for your commerical or residential project.

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