What is Dirt Gopher?

Dirt Gopher is a logistics based construction service that helps front end service providers complete construction related jobs faster by providing remote delivery services along with hub based facilities to eliminate inefficiency in the aggregate market.

What is the minimum amount of dirt you will deliver upon request?

10 cubic yard load. (Also known as a tandem or dump truck load.)

Why should I have to pay for dirt to be delivered to me when companies are willing to haul it for free?

While it’s true that some companies will haul dirt to sites for free, the back end dump site has no control over the quality of the dirt being delivered, nor do they have access to testing and assurances that the dirt being delivered isn’t contaminated or full of rocks/debris. We screen as closely as possible for our remote delivery drivers and screen thoroughly for any material hauled from our HPF sites.

What is a HPF?

A HPF, also known as a Hub Processing Facility, allows the front end client to get rid of excess aggregate/materials in an efficient manner for less than it costs to dump it at our local landfills (if they don’t have alternate sites for dumping purposes.) It also allows our residential/commercial customer that wants quality material to be able to source it from a reliable regional source to help them save both time and money on their project(s)!

When do we pay for the dirt to be delivered?

We do not charge upfront for dirt. We perform a pre-authorization to ensure that your form of payment is valid. Once delivery has been completed, we then charge your payment on record to complete the process!

What kind of dirt do you haul?

Primarily clean fill dirt. We also haul common fill, rocky fill, and all construction material types on a per project basis.